A little bit of magic to brighten your day


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Hi everyone! Just popped in to share a really nice small thingy with you. It is so nice and worth money, that I can not stay quiet about it. Just got an awesome colour changing nail polish – Ruby Wing – Peony 15ml! Bought it on Ebay for £8.99. Thought it’s a bit pricey at first, but hoped it will really work though, plus it is a big bottle and will last long. And guess what? It really is working, not disappointed in any small thing about it. It’s very bright peachy orange colour which I love, glides on smoothly if applied in two thin layers, dries quiet quickly, stays on well. It stays bright orange colour when you’re indoor or if it is a cloudy day outdoor. But wait until the sun comes out! It will work it’s magic and turn your nails in to nice plummy pink. The sunnier it gets, the darker colour it turns :] I am really enjoying it so far! It is perfect for people who are getting bored of the same nail colour quick, plus it is so different, entertaining and new!




Amazing Herbal Essences Hello Hydration


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I finally found it! This miracle in a 250ml bottles! And who should I be thanking to? It’s Marina.. She saved me from the struggle and money wasted on products by introducing me to Herbal Essences!


So far I tried Herbal Essences Hello Hydration with Hawaiian coconut extract moisture & shine shampoo, conditioner and deep moisturising intensive mask. It’s a very hydrating range for dry/damaged hair which claims to leave you hair shiny and hydrated and I can say it does the job! Before my hair was hydrated, brittle, tangled and now I’m left with soft, shiny, silky and bouncy hair and it also took a control of my frizz. And like it doesn’t sound amazing already it smells great! The smell is not to overwhelming, quite subtle which is great as it wouldn’t get boring over the time.

Even thought this isn’t ‘no-poo’ shampoo, I do not feel having built up on my hair as it cleans my hair very well also leaving them very hydrated, soft and light which makes my hair to curl nicely.

Tip – Sometimes I use intensive hair mask on my hair over the night by damping them with water and applying the mask and then put hair wrap on (I use old cotton scarf) so it keeps damp trough night and then wash it out in the morning, that leaves my hair like SUPER hydrated and just AMAZING.!

Tip– Use conditioner as a leave in when you hair starts to feel dry and crunchy before washes, I do that by damping my hair a little and applying the conditioner then letting it air dry or just damp you hair with water and let it dry it gets products working again. P.s use cold water!!

Yours Sky xx

My very first hello :]


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Hi everyone! My name is Marina. I love to discover new things as much as to share them with others. As it makes our life much easier and more beautiful :] And I do believe that beauty can save our lives from all the negativity and bad mood which is influencing us more an more in this busy society. I will try my best to share my experience in certain things I have discovered and tell you about products which I  find are working much better than most expensive and popular brands in the world. I hope it will work for each of you the same way, as I’ll be giving as much details as possible to satisfy you curiosity and and will be honest on each of my review. I feel happy, when others are happy :] I hope this blog will become your best friend and adviser!

Hello From Sky!


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I’m Sky and I love so Many things! Sometimes it just gets to confusing what I like the best, because there is so many things to learn every day, world is So Big and you so small, and there is not enough time… ANYWAY, I thought it would help to make a blog to capture all those things I love to do, and it would help me to slow down and focus on certain things. And even before creating the blog idea came, I was thinking about inspiration and motivation and as I was wondering to myself what inspires and motivates me, I finally realized that showing people things I love, sharing it with them, not shutting up about it, was that thing that made me to do something, and then it was obvious starting a blog would be good (news for my friends) idea to share it with YOU, and so many other people.! So I hope you enjoy it and we can be friends! 🙂